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Samples of sound and light installations by  TopHobbyTrains has converted many N Scale and HO locos.  We specialize in quality DCC train sound and lighting modifications in both plastic and brass.  You can purchase the loco from our site with the sound package or if you already have a loco that you would like to add sound or lighting purchase the package and send us the loco. 
Enjoy the vids and most of all have fun!

Kato N Scale F40PH with LokSound Micro and custom lighting

Micro-Trains Z Scale F7A with TCS DCC Decoder installed and customs headlight and MARS light.

Kato N Scale Silver Streak EMD E5 Locomotive with LokSound ver4 and custom lighting

Kato N Scale SD70ACe with LokSound Micro ver4 and custom lighting


Atlas N Scale 2-6-0 Mogul with TCS Z2 and custom LED headlight

Kato N Scale E8 with the new LokSound Micro ver 4.0


Kato N Scale SD70M with LokSound Micro ver 4.0 and custom ditch light wiring. 


Overland Models HO Scale Brass City of Denver 3 unit powered diesel set with Tsunami DCC Sound


Overland Models HO Scale Brass AC12 Locomotive with Tsunami Sound




Video from Con-Cor of the HO Scale New Haven Comet with a digitrax sound decoder.

TophobbyTrians will have a sound package for the HO Scale set using the SoundTraxx Tsunami decoder.
The TopHobbyTrains N Scale sound package will be done with the LokSound Micro ver 4.0 decoder.

Bachmann N Scale Doodlebug with LokSound DCC Sound






Overland HO Scale Brass GP-9 Union Pacific Slug with Tsunami sound installed by TopHobbyTrains


Bachmann HO Scale EM-1 2-8-8-4 Steam Locomotive with Sound Module installed


Athern UP with Southern Pacific Paint and Soundtraxx Tsunami Sound
Overland Models HO Scale Brass GP60B ATSF Diesel Slug
Athern HO Scale U50 with Soundtraxx Tsunami Sound Decoder


Brass Overland Models HO Scale SD40-2 with Tsunami Sound and Custom Lighting.


Kato MP36PH with LokSound Micro ver 4.0 and custom lighting.

Custom lighting of the Kato N Scale F40PH dual roof mounted strobes

Fox Valley Models N Scale Hiawatha 4-4-2 Atlantic w/ Soundtraxx Micro-Tsunami

Kato N Scale P42 Genesis with LokSound Micro ver 4.0 Sound Package

Bachmann 4-6-0 with Soundtraxx Micro Tsunami DCC Sound Decoder

Bachmann N Scale 4-6-0 Ten Wheeler with LokSound Micro DCC/Sound installed

Intermountain N Scale AC-12 Cab Forward with Soundtraxx Tsunami DCC/sound decoder installed.

BLI N Scale PA PB PA lashup pulling a Santa Fe Special run on the TopHobby Layout.

The PA's at the beginning of the video are vintage Con-Cor, Life-Like and Kato.

FVM N Scale ES44AC (GEVO) with LokSound Micro and custom lighting.

Bachmann N Scale 4-8-2 Heavy Mountain Steam Loco with LokSound Micro DCC Sound


Con-Cor N Scale Pioneer Zephyr with LokSound DCC Sound.


Con-Cor N Scale M10000 with LokSound Micro DCC Sound.


Bachmann N Scale DD40AX with LokSound Micro and custom light wiring done by TopHobbyTrains.


Broadway Limited N Scale E8's pulling the Kato Santa Fe Super Chief.



Kato N Scale SD70ACe with Digitrax DN163K1c and flashing ditch lights custom wired and installed by TopHobbyTrains.



Atlas N Scale GP38 with LokSound Micro installed.

The Atlas GP38 family of diesels receives the LokSound Micro with 2 - 0.5"e; speakers.  We mill the frame and modify the light board to allow installation of the sound decoder and speakers. 

Kato N Scale 2-8-2 Mikado with LokSound Micro

The Mikado received its LokSound Micro decoder and speaker in the tender.  We completely rewire the loco to avoid intermittent contact on the tender draw bar.  The yellow Kato LED is replaced with a white LED.


 Kato N Scale P42 with Digitrax Decoder and custom TopHobbyTrains light package installed.
We add 4 red LEDS and 2 white nano lamps to create the effects.  We also created the light pipes for the red lamps and flashing ditch lights on each end of the loco.



Kato N Scale PA Diesel in Southern Pacific Daylight paint with Sound and Light Package.

We custom mill the frame to accept the LokSound Micro decoder and speakers.  Custom wire the simulated MARS light and modify the light pipes to separate the headlights.  We also upload a custom sound project to the decoder.


Kato N Scale GG1 loco with Custom Sound package.


This is a challenging loco to add sound.  We mill the frame to accept the LokSound Micro decoder and speakers.  Wiring requires modification of the light board.  The work is well worth the outcome!



Con-Cor N Scale AreoTrain w ith custom sound installation and loco cab and number boards wiring.

This installation utilizes the Con-Cor N Scale sound car for the decoder and speaker installation. We, of course, go one step further and wire the number board and cab lights to the decoder so that you have complete function button control of your loco lighting. Very nice effect!



Kato E8 with Custom Sound package

To install the LokSound micro in this loco we mill the frame to add the sound decoder.  We also modify the factory light board to provide space in the loco and to give electrical pickup to the decoder.  The decoder is loaded with a TophobbyTrains custom sound project.


This install uses the LokSound Micro for sound light and motor control.  The frame is milled to accept 2 LokSound speakers.  the light board is modified providing light pickup and space for the decoder. 



Kato N Scale GS4 Southern Pacific with Tsunami Micro Sound decoder and custom Mars light wiring.

We do a complete rewire on the GS4.  From the time we found the short in the quad frame and reported it to Kato we decided to eliminate the shorting problem making a bullet proof solution. 

This mod uses the Soundtraxx Tsunami Micro Heavy Steam sound decoder.  We completely dissemble the loco and tender rewire the motor control circuit, modify the MARS light for DCC simulated MARS operation.  The decoder and speaker are located in the modified tender.  The results are outstanding.  We custom program the loco to take advantage of the vast operating characteristics of the Tsunami.