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CMX The Clean Machine Track cleaning car (N Scale)

Track Cleaning Car
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  • When used as directed CMX+ will clean your track better than any other method.


  • Clean your track by any method then perform the "white glove" test. Notice black lines. Then use CMX and perform test - no black lines.
  • The N Scale version has truck mounted Micro-Trains coupler on one end and Rapido on the other.


* Precision Machined Parts.
* Solid Brass Construction.
* Non-unraveling cleaning fabric.
* Easy Fill Design.
* Leak proof valve and fill port.
* Heavy weight does the job.
* Quick Change Fabric and Filling Syringe are included. (a $10 value)
* Drag fabric won't catch on switch points, frogs, and any other pieces of trackwork.
* Spill resistant design.
* Solvent proof design.
* Both solvent/abrasive options.
* Large reservoir.
* Multi-directional (push or pull)
* Controllable dispensing rate.

A great cleaning fliud to use in this cleaning car is ACT-6006 Track cleaning fluid. 

Item Number: CMX-N-CleanMachine
Manufacturer: AHD
Mfr Part No: CMX-N-CleanMachine

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