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Walthers re-released their N Scale DL109. Click here to see listing.

Santa Fe 50200
New Haven  - Green 50201, 50202
New Haven - McGinnis paint 50203
Rock Island - Red Silver 50204, 50205
Southern - Green 50206, 50207

We thought a comparison with the old 1970's Con Cor version would be nice.

ConCor Walthers DL109 noe to nose
Above - Walthers 2013 release N Scale DL109 on the left and our 1980's Con-Cor DL109.  Overall both look nice!

DL109 Fronts
Nose to nose the Walthers is on the left and the Con-Cor on the right.  Note the heat bubble on the Con-Cor headlight from the bulb headlight.  Overall they both look good.  The biggest difference is the fixed pilot on the Walthers unit vs. the truck mounted pilot on the Con-Cor version.

DL109 Top View
Walthers DL109 on the left an Con-Cor on the right.  Note the fine rivet and grill detail on the newer Walthers unit.

DL109 Side View
Side view of the N Scale DL109. The Walthers is in the foreground and the Con-Cor in the rear.  Note the replaced front pilot coupler from the Walthers unit.
The Micro-Trains MT1015 coupler was used.  If your layout has sharper curves use the MT1016 medium shank coupler.

Walthers DL109 interior
Walthers N Scale DL109 interior and frame. The locomotive is a smooth running loco with a stable ride. While the DL109 is not a DCC ready locomotive it is a great candidate for a wired installation. The TCS Z2 decoder will fit nicely in a routed space on the top of the massive frame. The decoder is hard wired to the electrical pickup, motor and headlight.  Yet another great addition to your roster.