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We are all aware of the recent practice by the manufacturers to limit their new product releases and build to order.  This has led to many of us being disappointed when trying to buy those new products with the road names we want.  Generally when product is exhausted the manufacturer will not re-run the lot.  It can be frustrating to try to find items needed.

To fill the need TopHobby has instituted several pre-order and club buying plans.  These plans are based on the various manufacturers release patterns. 

Pre-Ordersrequire a valid and current credit card on file at TopHobby.We do not accept Pay Pal for Pre-Orders.When a pre-order is given to TopHobby we will verify your card with your credit card company for the amount of the purchase. The card will not be billed until shipment to you. Please note that in the event that a credit card is declined we will attempt to contact you by email and phone 1 time. If we do not hear back the order will be canceled and noted on our system. Customer wishing to purchase the items can go back to our on line system and order them as in stock items, if they are still available, should they so choose. TopHobby can not regenerate a pre-order that has been canceled due to non payment.

Why join TopHobbyTrains Clubs?  We strive to be the most reliable supplier for our customers.  We provide additional savings on many of the products offered under pre-order vs regular store order.  We will combine orders when shipping out monthly orders with other general orders saving you money.  Just let us know that you are a club member on check-out and we will do our best to combine the order with your monthly shipment.  Our prices are among the best on the net. 

VisitTopHobbyTrains News and announcementspage to see what new items are on the horizon.

Or recommendations are as follows:

Kato items:  Pre-order your items soon after Kato announces their product.  Usually Kato ships a limited supply of product to the United States.  So items may be sold out even if the pre-order date has not passed.

Atlas items:  Usually Atlas will keep their orders until the final due date.  We will accept orders until that date but we do recommend that your orders are placed well in advance.

Life-Like:now Walthers, products are usually on time and orders are filled with little to spare.  Life-Like mostly produce what is pre ordered.  We have seen that orders placed in advance are filled.  Our recommendation is to pre order as soon as possible after product is announced.

Bachmannproducts are difficult to gauge.  For the most part product is available.  New and first time releases should be pre-ordered when announced to get the product with the road name that you want.

Micro-Trainsproducts are released on a monthly basis.  They also have periodic series releases like the the US Navy, Canadian Province and Territory, State of the Union and Christmas car series.  To give the collector the ability to acquire these items we offer a couple of purchasing clubs. 

Micro-Trains Monthly Clubmembership guarantees you the monthly release of re-prints and new release including older cars with new road numbers.  We generally do not get cabooses or unlettered cars but if you join the club and also want these items we can add them to your club membership.  These orders will bill and ship when we receive the Micro-Trains order from the manufacturer.  Generally this is between the 1st and 2nd week of each month. 

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