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FR11 Function Decoder with Kato Light kit
Kato FR11 and Kato Passenger Car Light Kit
FR11 Installation with Kato Lighting kit
Lighting kit assembled
FR11 assembled with the Kato Lighting Kit
FR11 assembled with Kato Lighting Kit
Assembled Kato Light Kit and FR11 in Superliner
Light Kit Installed in N Scale Superliner
Older Kato N Scale Superliner Installaiton
Older Kato N Scale Superliner
Kato N Scale Superliner modified for FR11
Older Superliner requires modification for the FR11 and Light Kit
Installed Light Kit and FR11 in Older Kato Superliner
Light kit and FR11 Decoder installed in Kato N Scale Superliner after car modification