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Intallation for the

Kato 11-211 Light kit

N Scale El-Capitan Passenger Cars


Parts required for each El-Capitan car

Slide the contact strips into the slots at the rear of the car

Place the light housing into the holder at the rear of the car.  Be sure that the

contact strips make good contact with the light wires.  A small dab of

Walthers Goo will keep the light fixture in place.

Place the reflector on the underside of the car roof as shown below.

The Light guide is installed with the flat end to the rear of the car and the waffle side

towards the roof.  There are 2 tabs on the light guide that will fit into either

side of the roof of the car.  The light guide is a press fit and does not require glue.

The body goes back together with the flat side of the light guide to the rear.