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N Scale FVM Hiawatha Combo baggage car
The FVM Hiawatha Combo Baggage car is a bit too short for the Easy Peazy light bar.

Measure the Light Bar
The light bar needs to be shortened to 5 and 3/8 inches to fit into the roof of the car.

Mark the light bar
Unsolder the LED carefully!

MArk the Board where to cut
Mark off the opposite end of the batteries 5 3/8 inches and then cut the clear lens and the circuit board.
The lens is held to the circuit board by double sided tape and can be separated easily.  I recommend that you do this.

Circuit Board rework
Mark and drill 3 holes for the LED.  After drilling scrape away a small portion of the paint mask to provide a good solder surface. 
The 3rd hold at the lower end is to provide the return electrical path that was cut away in the prior task.

Solder a wire
When we cut the end off the light bar in the prior step we cut the return circuit board tracing.  Insert the removed LED and solder it in.  Once done solder a wire as shown to the 3rd hole drilled earlier.

Lightboard in car roof lit
The Lens will need to be milled out  to allow the LED to fit as it did before we started this process. 
This is easily done with a dremel grinding wheel or an exacto knife.  There is no need to use adhesive
to hold the board in place.  The interior of the car will do that nicely.  The battery side should be located in 
the baggage end of the car.

Car put together lights out
The baggage combo car is put back together.  There is no modification to the car at all.

Baggage Car Lit
Use the magnet wand to turn the lights on.

Tail Car with easy peasy
The same dimension board fits into the Hiawatha N Scale Tail car.  Just make 2 exactly the same as just described.

Disclaimer.  We take no responsibility for you doing this modification to the board or car.  You make these modifications on your own.  We provide this information as a workaround
for modelers wishing to perform their own work on their own cars.