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 Micro-Trains Christmas

Preorder worksheet

 Use this form to join TopHobbyTrains Micro-Trains Christmas Car club.   Please print and complete this form and call or fax in your order.  TopHobbyTrains does require a valid Credit card for this service.  We will verify your card for the amount of the purchase plus shipping and applicable tax (NY addresses).  We will charge your card at the beginning of each 3 car cycle.  We do need a valid email address so that we can communicate with you about your order.  We will confirm your order via email.  Please do not send this form via email.  You can cancel your order at any time prior to the next 3-car cycle’s billing by Phone/FAX or eMail. 


Name (as it appears on your credit card) ___________________________________

Billing/Shipping Address             ___________________________________________

(Ship and bill must be the same) __________________________________________

                                                City ____________________State_______Zip________

Area code & Phone              ________ / ___________________


Credit Card Type (please check one)  Visa ____ or MasterCard ____

Credit Card Number ________________________________________

Expiration Date _________________(mm/yy)

Credit Card 3 digit code on back of card ________________________


Email address ___________________________________________


Yes I would like to join the TopHobbyTrains Micro-Trains Christmas Car club.  I understand that I will receive _____(quantity of each car) each of the Christmas cars plus any announced locomotives or cabooses.  


If you also would like to receive the ornament please check below and indicate the quantity.


To save on shipping TopHobbyTrains will hold up to 3 cars and ship when the 3rd car is received from MT.   You will be billed at the beginning of each 3-car cycle.


____ Also send me the MT Christmas ornament



Signature (Must be the credit card holder) _____________________________________