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51106 Mini Metals Cooper 32' Fruehauf AEROVAN (N Scale)

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Mini Metals proudly introduces its first series of commercial transportation models in HO and N scales representing the remarkable Post WW II Era of American commercial might.

After World War II transporting Americas' growing appetite for goods of all kinds year round was a boon to the trucking industry.  The problem was getting those goods to the newly developed area of the United States.

US railroads began an innovative plan for moving more freight more efficiently during this rapid period of growth. Creating what is known as "Piggyback" service.

Mini Metals® brings you one of the most famous prototypes representing this era… the Fruehauf® "Aerovan" trailer.  There has never been a ready-to-run vintage trailer miniature produced like this before.  Featuring:  

  • All plastic construction
  • Exact 1:87 and 1:160 scale
  • Attention to every possible detail:
    • Finely cut tooling effectively represents welded seams, delicate hinge parts, body ribs, frame-rails, and chassis suspension parts,
    • Art Deco Running Lights are not just blobs but are finely engraved to look just like the prototype, 
    • Correctly molded  "overlapping" roof seams.  We didn't forget this detail since the models are often viewed from above,
    • Curbside Door, an important detail missing from models of trailers currently available,
    • Two sets of "Landing Wheels" also known as Dollies - The trailer can easily be modeled with either the landing wheels positioned in the "up" or "down" positions.
  • Mini Metals' International® R-190 cab tooled-up with an all-new 136" single tandem fifth-wheel chassis.
  • The Semi-Tractor and Aerovan Trailer are available in undecorated versions fully painted and ready for a modeler's custom graphics.
  • Ready-to-run and Value Priced


MiniMetals release date January 2005

Item Number: CMW51106
Manufacturer: MiniMetals
Mfr Part No: 51106

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