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Walthers Life-Like EMD Diesel E8A (N Scale)

Price: From $68.95 to $143.95

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E8 N Scale:

EMD E8 Powered Diesel (N Scale)

* Perfect Power for Classic Streamliners 
* Working Headlight 
* Powerful Motor w/Skew Wound Armature 
* Dual Flywheels 
* Heavy Metal Chassis 
* Split Frame Mechanism 
* 8-Wheel Driver & Electrical Pick-Up 
* Fully Assembled, Ready for Service
As America's railroads rebuilt their passenger service following World War II, premiere trains received new equipment from engine to observation car. And once production resumed in 1945, many were led by brand-new E7 diesels from EMD. By 1948, the 567B prime mover was ready and the more powerful E8 entered production. These units were built through 1954, when the virtually identical E9 with its 567C prime movers was introduced. Speedy, powerful and economical, E8s and their kin proved to be an excellent choice for long-distance name trains. Despite the many changes in passenger service over the years, E8s were among the first diesels to serve Amtrak when operations began in 1971; others ended their days in commuter service a few years later.
Manufacturer: Walthers
Mfr Part No: WAL

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